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Young human man

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His parents were both burnouts from the sixties. They lived in West Hollywood—they became more embarrassing to Reece the older he got. The named him Perigrin after Pippin Took from The Lord of the Rings.

Growing up, Reece was never punished, since his parents simply 'let him do his own thing.' Ashamed of his parents, Reece left home the first chance he had. Reece is homeless, sleeping on park benches and in parks.


Reece is haunted by the presence of a monster which he refers to as the "Booger." Red-eyed and all teeth, it follows him around causing destruction wherever it goes.

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The Booger is perhaps a physical manifestation of Reece's anger or fear.

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Reece is "as sharp-faced as a weasel, a narrow-shouldered thin whip of a teenager." He wears a two-inch multicolored mohawk.

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Reece develops a crush on Ellen Brady

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Name What Connection About
Ellen Brady human  gave aid after beaten sees Balloon Men
Booger monster follows Reece black, mouthful of barracuda teeth, claws

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"Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair": After getting beaten by gang of thugs, Reece is aided by Ellen Brady who takes him home, tends his winds and feeds him. Reece helps her find her magic and she helps him rid the Booger.

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