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Hoodoo man / guitar player

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Robert Lonnie is a slender black man—a hoodoo man—who plays blues guitar. His eyes betrayed that he'd been a place or two ordinary folks didn't visit—haunting—his gaze didn't stop at the skin, it went all the way through to the and held it there "by the bones". He played like he knew about magic—the musical kind. ~ "Ten for the Devil"


He doesn't play out in public because people would remember his music. Since he doesn't want to attract the divil's attention, he plays in half-empty joints playing to drunks who might remember his music but not where or who. — "Ten for the Devil"

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slender black man, wears a pin-striped suit, small boned and handsome. He had long delicate finger and wavy hair brushed back.


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  • Music: soulful hurting blues that also filled you with hope
  • plays at small bars

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Mae a deal with the devil, sold his soul to be the best guitar player. Only he already had it in him and would have gotten on his own if not in such a hurry. He figured out he'd been duped, and paid the devil back in kind by figuring out a way to live forever so the devil would never get his soul. He stays out of the devil's way by keeping a low profile.

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Staley Cross human seeks his help with a rabbit-boy her fiddling opens doors to he Otherworld
William human friend took staley to see him about a rabbit & creature called up from Otherworld
Malicorne Otherworlder recalls her Horn in her forehead

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"Ten for the Devil"—Tapping the Dream Tree (2002): Staley and William seek his advice or magical help regarding a rabbit who has a boy trapped inside and being chased by some evil creature from Otherworld—both of whom she called up with her fiddling. Robert tells them that the rabbit-boy and the creature are likely shape-shifting magicians locked in battle with each other.


   "Figure out what your music is all about,: Robert tells her. "And take responsibility for it. Dig deep and find what's hiding behind the trees—you know, in the shadow where you can't exactly see things, you can only sense them—and always pay attention. it's up to you what you let out into the light."
   "Is that what you do?"
   Robert nodded. "'Course it's different for me, because we're different people. My music's about enduring. perseverance. that's all the blues is ever about."
   "What about hope?"
   Robert smiled. "What you think keeps perseverance alive?"—Robert & Staley"Ten for the Devil", Tapping the Dream Tree (2002)

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