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The Rookery is the name for a Victorian house on Stanton Street owned by a man named Lucius Portsmouth, aka Raven.

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Lots of crows and "one bad-tempered raven" dominate the backyard, and most of the neighborhood.

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The Victorian house has been subdivided into apartments for rental. There are hundred-year oaks lining both sides of the street. A well-kept lawn lies the space between the trees and the house with some feral flower beds and shade trees. The property spans the entire block from Stanton street to the carriage lane in the back. An enormous elm tree lords over the back yard, along with a carriage house overgrown with ivy. Granite walls covered in rosebushes separate the backyard from those of its neighbors. ~ The Newford Wiki

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The downstairs apartment is 1200 square feet of high-ceilinged rooms, and appears to occupy nearly the entire first floor. Upstairs are two apartments, and finally there is a top-floor apartment which, like the first floor apartment presumably takes up the entire floor.


On Stanton Street in Newford

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Name What About
Crow Girls

Maida and Zia, Crow Corbae

claim to live in the elm tree in the backyard, and it is more than likely true
Lucius Portsmouth, Raven one of the first of the First People lives in the third floor apartment along with Chloë Graine;
Chloë Graine leader in Raven's place lives in the third floor apartment along with Raven
Rory Crowther writer and jeweller; only human resident rents the first-floor apartment; gets a break on rent for looking after Raven in his passive state & running household errands; 5'10";
Annabel Blue, "Annie" jay Corbae, and a punk-folksinger rents one of the second-floor apartments, and runs Uneasy Records out of said apartment.
Brandon Cole Corbae, young black man, tall and handsome. He is a saxophone player rents the upper of the two small apartments in the carriage house in the backyard
The Aunts Corbae, two elderly sisters, gardeners and water-colorists rent the bottom half of the carriage house
Kerry Madan moves in beginning of Someplace to Be Flying.

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For other character associated in someway to the place or the residents

Name What About
Jack Daw
The Wild Crow Boys
Bogan Boys
Joe Crazy Dog half-breed of both clan Corbae and Canid

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