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Human / Writer / Jeweller

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Rory Crowther is the only human living at the Rokkery.


Rory has a trace of the Animal People blood in him, but not quite enough to live full-time in their world. He has a difficult time accepting the unexplainable, and when faced with something that cannot be explained without accepting the existence of magic, it will simply fade from his memory after a short time.

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Name What Connection About
Lily Carson "Kit" writer known many years since they worked on a story together for In The City, "Kit" is Rory's pet name for her, after frontiersman Kit Carson;
Hank Williams, aka: Joey Bennett human business knows through business with Martin Caine
Annie Blue jay Corbae, and a punk-folksinger close friend object of his mild infatuation for years; lives at Rookery
Crow Girls Rookery resident
Brandon Cole Rookery resident
Chloe Graine Rookery resident
The Aunts Rookery resident
Raven Rookery resident
Jack Daw acquaintance

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He is coincidentally an acquaintance of many characters who end up figuring centrally in the story of Someplace To Be Flying.

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