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Painter, teacher

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Famous but reclusive Newford painter, mysterious. Takes on Izzy as his student and teaches her about the Numena and how to call them. One of the main characters in Memory and Dream


Isabelle's cruel former teacher.

Personality and Character

  • reclusive, mysterious, cruel
  • he carried an air of royalty, certain his demands would be heeded
  • He works in a shabby studio and dresses like a begger because he abhores fame and believes it to be the death to his art. 

Physical Decription

He was like a misshapen troll with a voice to match—short than Izzy who is five-three and as wide as he was tall. He had a haunched back, barrel chest, thick arms, stumpy legs, clumpy ears. His nose was broken more than once, too long and too wide at the nostrils. too-wide moth and forehead, receding hairline, matted and wild hair. Grime seemed to stuck into the groves of his skin.

Clothes: workbooks had holes, minus laces on the left boot, his pants were a muddy brown with numerous patches, white shirt was gray and black around the collar. His long trench coat was filthy with dried mud and grim on the hem, it's sleeves were raggedly torn off to fit his short arms.

His eyes were a pale, pale blue—his gaze like "needles pinning a butterfly to a board"


Other Details

  • would feed pidgins french fries with utter control
  • Lives in a Tudor-style house in a shabby studio
  • Business card:
 Vincent Adjani Rushkin
  48-B Stanton Street

History / Background

Connections (characters, places)

Name What Connection About
Isabelle Copely abstract painter Rushkin's student teaches Izzy about Numena and how to call them;

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Events in the Series (spoilery area)

Rushkin hides in Old City with his Numena at the end of Memory and Dream.


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