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Human woman

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Samantha "Sam" Rey first appeared in the short story Timeskip. Sam worked at Gypsy Records for a year and a half and dated Geordie Riddell before being sucked back in time by the Stanton Street Ghost.

Samantha's story is completed in Paperjack: Living in the past, she married Thomas Edward Dickenson, had at least one child, and a granddaughter named Samantha. She moved to New England in the late seventies and died there in her sleep. She was buried in a small graveyard overlooking the sea. ~ The Wordwood | Samantha Rey


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She had special quality about her that went beyond her appearance. 

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Blonde, chearleader-like appearance. 


could see ghosts

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  • Worked at Gypsy Records for a year and a half—she actually knew something about the records she was selling.


Sam lived on Stanton Street in an apartment on the third floor of an old brick and frame building. There was a front porch that ran the length of the house, dormer windows—two in the front and back, one on each side—and a sloped mansard roof.

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Name What Connection About
Geordie Riddell fiddler dated saw Samantha disappear 
Stanton Street Ghost Ghost haunts corner by Sam's apartment appears only when it rains;
Thomas Edward Dickenson Husband married her back in time Ghost that stole Sam back in time; 
Samantha descendent grandaughter
Jilly Coppercorn human friend saw Samantha disappear
Your Second Home punk club by night danced there went with Jilly & Geordie

Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

"Timeskip" (1989) — Dreams Underfoot (1993) #1: One evening, not long after Geordie and Sam start dating, they investigate the Stanton Street Ghost, with Jilly watching from the side lines. Sam gets curious and wants to ask why the Ghost haunts that corner. When she reaches out to touch him, they both vanish. All record of Sam disappears with her, with the exception of a single photograph that he and Jilly find a few weeks later in Moore’s Antiques in Lower Crowsea. Only Geordie and Jilly know she ever existed in modern day Newford. ~The Wordwood | Stanton Street Ghost

"Paperjack" — Dreams Underfoot (1993) #1: Sam left Geordie a letter with the book he'd given her with her granddaughter and namesake should he come asking for her. (from the story)

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“Old man Dickenson was the last real businessman of the family,” Begley told me. “Their fortunes started to decline when his son Tom took over—he’s the one who married the woman that Jilly said you were interested in tracking down. He died in 1976. I don’t have an obit on his widow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s still alive. If she moved out of town, the paper wouldn’t have an obit for herunless the family put one in.” ~ "Paperjack" — Dreams Underfoot

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