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Children's book author / Human

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She is the author and illustrator of childrens books, notably "The Travelling Littles," which was based on the stories her grandfather told her when she was a child.


Sheri Piper lives in an apartment in Newford (city).

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Believes that that people should earn what they get and magic wishes were creepy, not to be trusted. ~ "Big City Littles"

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Writing and drawing/painting

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  • First words to Jenky: "I don't suppose I could be dreaming."
  • Used Meran as a model for her image of the forest queen in her new children's book—Cerin bought one of the originals one.
  • A member of the book club that meets every last Wednesday of the month at Holly Rue Used Books 

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  • "The Traveling Littles"

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Sheri learned about the Littles from her grandfather's stories. ~ "The Traveling Littles"

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Jenky Wood Little seeks her help asks for help to return his clan to birds
Meran Kelledy Oak King's Daughter helps with Jenky's quest she is the perfect image of the Queen of the Oak Forsest for Sheri's new book;
Holly Rue book shop owner Sheri in her book club, got Meran for Jenky's quest; Holly sells Sheri's books
T.J. Moore 14 year old human seeks her help for Tetty shy, awkward; helps Tetty find her parents
Elizabeth Wood, 'Tetty' Little seeks her help Tetty wants info she may have about Littles: can they change into birds, fly, where are they
Dick Bobbins Hob Sheri mad new friend lives in Holly Rue Used Books
Holly Rue Used Books book shop book club member book club meets there monthly

Events in the Series (spoiler area) Edit

"Big City Littles" — from Tapping the Dream Tree & Triskell Tales 2: The story follows children's book author Sheri Piper, whose faithful retelling of a story once told by her grandfather earns her the attention of a miniature man, one of the mythical Littles. All her new friend wants to know is, how can he and his tribe become birds again, like they were originally? The answer lies in a spot of old magic, and Sheri's own willingness to help. ~ The SF Site Featured Review: Triskell Tales 2

✥ Together, the girls—14-year-old T.J. and Elizabeth—set out to speak with Sheri Piper, a local children's book author who has written about Littles


   "I don't suppose I'm dreaming". — Sheri Piper
   "I Just don't like the idea of magic wishes. There's something creepy about them. I think we should earn what we get, not have it handed to us on a silver platter."
   That earned her a warm smile.
   "I think we definitely chose the right person to help us," he said. —— Sheri Piper, Jenky Wood
   We all have ups and owns, I goes, whether we bring them on ourselves, or they come courtesy of the Fates. The trick seems to be to roll with them. Learn something from the hard times, appreciate the good. I didn't really need fairy encounters to teach me that, but I wouldn't trade the experience of them for anything. Not even for that elusive, perfect man. — Sheri Piper, "Big City Littles"

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