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Sprites are little winged spirits known as flower Faeries—spirits of trees, bushes, flowers weeds that grew in parks and gardens—rioting only in the odd empty lot or wild place, such as the riverbanks that ran downunder the Stanton Street Bridge to meet the water.

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  • The most ready to give a hand with information.
  • Most sleep through the winter in Faerie.
  • busy with autumn harvest and othe seasonal preoccupations.


  • pointed faces and wore acorn caps

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Some of Meran's cousin's gave the most help to Cerin Kelledy, seeking Lesli Batterberry—a few had seen the young girl who could see them and painstakingly pointed this way that down he various streets. Cerin followed her trail across the Stanton Street bridge all the way to the bench in Fitzhenry park where Bodachs told Cerin how Lesli was abducted and pointed him out talking to another man. Cerin followed them.

~ "Ghosts of Wind and Shadow"

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