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Magic-gifted fiddler

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Staley is a young woman who plays the fiddle and has the ability to play "calling-on" music. Her Grandma said it was the fiddle that sent spirit tunes back to the Otherworld where it first came from. Staley just fancied a good tune played from the heart, she called it Heart music. ~ "Ten for the Devil"


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Good natured

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Short, traw-colored hair, heart-shaped face, big green eyes. Likes to wear denim over-alls over a tight-fittng white tee. ~ "Ten for the Devil", Tapping the Dream Tree


Staley plyaing her blue spirit fiddle can play a 'calling-on' music. It can call up blackbirds that open the door to the Otherworld—it stands ajar where ravens and crows gather. That music can call "us" to cross over to the Otherworld—or call something back here from the other side. ~ "Ten for the Devil"

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  • There's a Bottle-Tree on the land her trailer rests on—grandma taught her about it. Her music changed when she played by it.
  • Fussed over Moth's junk-yard dogs like they were old friends—won over Moth

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Places: Crowsea, the between, Otherworld, 

Creatures: Big cat-wolf mix; 

Name What Connection About
William tenement custodian; old man friend late 50's,
Mr. Rabbitskin rabbit-boy Staley called him up with fiddle;  boy wearing shape of rabbit;
Robert Lonnie old hoodoo man; Guitar player Helps with creatures she called forth tells Staley the rabbit & the creature are shape-changing magicians; musical magic; long ago he sold his soul to the devil at the Crossroads who duped him, Rob figured a way to live forever, stays out of the devil's way;
Butch Crickmn Stacey's friend; roadhouse owner Staley works for them drops Staley off on highway against his better judgement; Wife: Kate;
Kate Crickmn Stacey's friend; roadhouse owner Staley works for them; she & Butch treat Staley like an errant daughter; husband: Butch;
Moth junkyard car guy friend of William's  Staley won him over with kindness to his dogs, a smile and playing Boxcar Willy tunes for him; 
Malicorne skinwalker; Otherworlder wants her aid taught Staley about the Otherworld; Staley wants her to change rabbit-boy back to human; tall horsey-faced woman with horn on forehead; wore glamour; mentioned only;
Rupert man in desert taught her about Otherworld man who lived in the desert far to the south;

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Tapping the Dream Tree — "Ten for the Devil": Staley played her fiddle under the Bottle tree—that called up a battered boy trapped inside a rabbit and anther odd creature that seemed evil to her. ~ "Ten for the Devil"


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