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Stanton Street Ghost follows an unvarying routine every time it rains, it always follows the same route making the same gestures, wearing the same thing. The ghost starts off under the street lamp in front of the Hamill estate.

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The Stanton Street Ghost goes walking every time it rains. He goes up by the stately old houses on, down Henratty Lane into the narrow streets and back alleys of Crowsea, then back to Stanton. His face is all wet from the rain like a living person—He looks real like he's made of flesh and blood—he wipes his eyes with a brown hand, then fades away.

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The ghost wears a worn tweed suit—mostly browns and greys, a cap over his brown curls. None of his features give away his age, his eyes are both innocent and wise.

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  • The ghost starts his track transparent and ghostly and ends up appearing solid by the time he returns under the street lamp.

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Jilly terrorizes that the ghost is a "timeskip"—a bit of the past slipping into the present rather than restless spirit with unfinished business. It's like a broken record playing the same bit over and overagain, only it needs something specific to cue it in—in this case, the rain.

The ghost could be waiting for something to reset it. Anything might do like talking or grabbing it. But care must be taken because whoever does that could be dragged back to the time the ghost came from or replace the ghost in the timeskip.

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Stanton StreetEdit

  • Stanton Street is lined with stately old houses.
  • Hamill Estate: a cobblestone walk that led to it. the house was separated from the street by a low wall and a lawn bordered by huge oak trees.

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Name What About
Samantha Rey record store clerk she sees the ghost every time it rained
Geordie Riddell fiddler Sam showed him the ghost
Jilly Coppercorn artist thought ghost was a timeskip; warned Sam not to touch it;

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

Samantha Rey would see the ghost every time it rained. She showed him to Geordie Riddell. Jilly Coppercorn tells Geordie that it should be a timeskip and warned them both not to touch it or be pulled back in time. Both Geordie and Sam think he has no ill will an want to help it. When Sam touches the ghost, she vanishes right in front of Geordie and Jilly along with any trace that she ever existed. Until one day Geordie and Jilly find an old 1912 photo of Sam with a family. Only Geordie and Jilly know that Sam ever existed in modern day Newford. — "Timeskip" — Dreams Underfoot

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