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Architect / Human

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Sue Ashworth worked for the city as an architect; she lived uptown. She had that upscale look of one who was just about to step out to a restaurant for cocktails and dinner.


Susan is Jilly Coppercorn’s uptown friend, she is urbane while Jilly was scruffy.

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urbane, well put together;

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In her twenties, slender and blue-eyed. Sue’s blonde hair was straight, hanging to just below her shoulders. Sue wore just the right amount of makeup.



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  • Once told Jilly she gave the impression of being in a constant state of confusion.
  • Car: Mazda
  • Just got out of a bad relationship, not looking for new one yet;
  • She doesn't get the harshness of life for street kids—she's not cold about, she is just so far removed, she can't understand it.

History / Background Edit

Her parents were from the Beaches, where it seemed you needed a permit just to be out on the sidewalks after eight in the evening.

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Jilly Coppercorn artist friend took Sue with to bail out Zinc
Zinc street kid bail money Sue went with Jilly to bail him out if needed;
Yo Man (club) night club went to club with Jilly
Psycho Puppies (band), band dance to them her and Jilly wen to Yo Man to dance

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

Sue answered the phone when Zinc called from jail for help. She went with Jilly to bring bail money for Zinc. Lou Fucceri let Zinc go, so she didn't have to bail him out. Sue is certain that Zinc would be better off in the system getting help from social services.


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