Terry Dixon — musician

Terry Dixon
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race human
Occupation Bass Guitar player
Birthplace unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Location Newford
Books appeared in Dreams Underfoot — "Romano Drom"

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Terry Dixon plays Bass guitar in No Nuns Here with bandmate Lorio Munn.


Personality and CharacterEdit

He seems to care what happens toother people. He comes through when someone needs him. 

Physical DecriptionEdit


Bass guitar

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Newford (likely in Crowsea or Foxville)

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  • Drives a Toyota
  • Girlfriend: Jane
  • Place they like to eat at: the Fan

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Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Lorio Munn half-gypsy passes power to her Elderee passes the power and knowledge to guard the road to her; She can do it with her Romany blood;
No Nuns Here punk band his and Lorio's band Play on Lee Street in Crowsea
Jane human girfriend ate at the Fan on Yoors Street
Elderee guardian of the Road Terry drove him to zoon where he got treatment for bad wounds

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