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Eloisa and Mercedes appear to be two elderly sisters, possibly twins, who rent the downstairs apartment of the coach house at The Rookery.

The Aunts, as they are called by everyone at The Rookery have two enduring passions: gardening and watercolors. They spend months in the winter planning the coming spring's elaborate garden, which they painstakingly put into place every year. The rest of their time is spent painting watercolors of various flora, in great technical detail worthy of a botany textbook.


In reality, they are Corbae, like most of the residents of The Rookery, and as such they may very well not even be sisters at all, but only two Corbae with matching human skins.

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They dress typically in long black cotton dresses, with their thick gray hair tied up in buns above their dark complexions.


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Rookery Corbae santuary resident rent the downstairs apartment of the coach house

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