The Dreaming Place
Author Charles de Lint
Publication date 1990
Published by Tor Books
ISBN 0312873972
Publication Order
Preceded by
Dreams Underfoot
Followed by
From A Whisper To A Scream
The Dreaming Place (Newford -2) by Charles de Lint

The Dreaming Place (Newford #2) by Charles de Lint—2002 by Firebird ~ Art: Cliff Nielsen

1990-The Dreaming Place (Newford -2) by Charles de Lint, Brian Froud

The Dreaming Place (Newford #2) by Charles de Lint, Art: Brian Froud

The Dreaming Place (1990) is the second book in chronological order.

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Young Adult

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A young woman locked in rage yet seeking magic, Ash is drawn into a wondrous Otherworld of totems and dryads, living tarots and mystic charms. At the same time, Ash's cousin Nina is stalked by an Otherworld demon-a manitou who can force her mind and soul into the bodies of beasts. Ash must find the strength to overcome her own anger, learn the full power of magic, and save Nina before she becomes the manitou's weapon, turning the faerie realm into an arctic wasteland. De Lint fans will relish this urban and otherworldly fantasy, partially set in the author's trademark Newford. ~ Goodreads | The Dreaming Place (Newford, #2)

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Characters What About
Nina Caraballo teenage girl
Ash Nina's cousin
Ashley Enys
Cassie fortuneteller She earns money by fortune-telling on the streets with a nice deck of Tarot cards, but a ratty set holds her true power
Bones fortuneteller Friend of Cassie and a Shaman; tells fortunes using bones;

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Brian Froud - Wikipedia

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Publishers: Atheneum, Timun Mas, Firebird

  • Hardcover, First Ed., 138 pages, Pub: November 30th 1990 by Atheneum Books—ISBN: 0689315716
  • Paperback, 178 pages, Pub: 1992 by Timun Mas—ISBN: 8477228221
  • Paperback, 134 pages, Pub: September 16th 2002 by Firebird—ISBN: 014230218X

~ Source: Goodreads | The Dreaming Place (Newford, #2)

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"I didn't see you at school today, Nina," Judy said.


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