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Folk Club

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The Harp is the only real Irish pub in town—it's a folk club that serves as a bustling venue for the various artists in town.

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Owned by Joe Breen


It's Located in the heart of the Rosses in the shadow of the Kelly Street Bridge—where Kelly Street meets Lee and crosses the Kickaha River.



The steps under the Kelly Street Bridge were all that was left of an old dock that had serviced The Harp. The dock was long abandoned, but The Harp still stands. It was one of the oldest buildings in the city. Only the solid stone structures of the city’s Dutch founding fathers, like the ones that encircled us, were older. ~ "Tallulah"

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Name What Connection Story About
Geordie Riddell Fiddler plays there "Paperjack" live two doors down; jams there;
Matt Casey Folk: vocals, bouzouki, guitar date with Katrina "Our Lady.." DU hang / jam
Katrina Ludvigsen mermaid date with Matt "Lady" DU date with matt
Marrowbones Folk band hang/jam there "Lady.." DU Hang / jam
Amy Scallan Uillean pipes and whistles long-time musical associate "Our Lady.." DU accepts Matt as he is, a brilliant musician
Nicky Doyle on fiddle band mate, 1 and half years "Our Lady.." DU tired of Matt's aloofness
Johnny Ryan on tenor banjo, classic Gibson mando-cello band mate, 1 and half years "Our Lady.." DU tired of Matt's aloofness
Johnny Jump Up folk band Matt Casey (bouzouki, guitar, vocals), Amy (Uillean pipes), Geordie (fiddle) "Our Lady.." DU An on-again, off-again Newford band
Christy writer  knows the histroy "Tallulah"

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"Our Lady of the Harbour" — Dreams Underfoot:

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