1996-The Ivory and the Horn (Newford -6) by Charles de Lint

The Ivory and the Horn (Newford #6) by Charles de Lint—1996 by Tor Books ~ Art: Terri Windling

2007-The Ivory and the Horn (Newford Book 6) (Newford -6) by Charles de Lint

The Ivory and the Horn (Newford #6) by Charles de Lint—2007 by Orb Books ~ Art: John Jude Palencar

The Ivory and the Horn (1995) — A collection of 15 stories, is #6 in the Newford series chronologically. 

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In the city of Newford, when the stars and the vibes are right, you can touch magic. Mermaids sing in the murky harbor, desert spirits crowd the night, and dreams are more real than waking. Charles de Lint began his chronicles of the extraordinary city of Newford in Memory & Dream and the short-story collection Dreams Underfoot. In The Ivory and the Horn, this uncommonly gifted craftsman weaves a new tapestry of stark realism and fond hope, mean streets and boulevards of dreams, where you will rediscover the power of love and longing, of wishes and desires, and of the magic that hovers at the edge of everyday life. ~ Goodreads | The Ivory and the Horn (Newford, #6)

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Mermaids, desert spirits, dryads, Faeries, Otherworld,

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The Ivory and the Horn by Charles de Lint ~ Shelfari

Characters What Story About
Jilly Coppercorn Artist formerly a homeless girl with a dark past
Maisie Former street dweller looks after Tommy and a pack of stray dogs
Tommy homeless man mentally impaired; Maisie adopts and takes care of
Sophie Etoile Artist, part Faerie Artist and friend of Jilly's who has faeirie blood; has serial dreams: visits the city of Mabon in the dream world;
Chris Dennison social worker Burned out
Brenda Depressed anorexic woman encounters an evil spirit
Wendy St. James Poet friends with Jilly and Sophie
Lou Fucceri Cop does his best to help get kids off of the streets
'Angel', Angelina Marceau Runs a youth distress center does what she can to get kids off of the streets and into a sponsorship program
Jaime vigilante seeks those who prey on the weak and vulnerable
Christy Riddell Author collector of urban legends and myths, Geordie's brother
Geordie Riddell Musician Christy's brother
Meran Kelledy Cerin's wife some suspect of being a dryad
Cerin Kelledy musician Meran's husband who's suspected of having magical powers
Jeck dreamworld resident Sophie's dreamworld boyfriend

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Cover ArtistsEdit

  • Terri Windling: 1995, Tor—Hard Cover
  • Terri Windling: 1996, Tor—Paperback
  • John Jude Palencar: 2007 by Orb Books—Paperback
  • Gary Lippincott: Newford Stories omnibus, 1999 by Science Fiction Book Club

~ Source: Bibliography: The Ivory and the Horn

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Publishers: Tor Books, Orb Books

  • Hardcover, First Ed., 338 pages, Pub: March 15th 1996 by Tor Books—ISBN: 0812534085
  • Paperback, 320 pages, Pub: October 2nd 2007 by Orb Books—ISBN: 076531679X

Table of Contents Edit

  • 13 • Introduction (Dreams Underfoot) • (1992) • essay by Terri Windling
  1. 15 • "Waifs and Strays" (1993) • novelette
  2. 46 • "Mr. Truepenny's Book Emporium and Gallery" (1992) • shortstory
  3. 53 • "The Forest Is Crying" (1994) • novelette 
  4. 77 • "The Wishing Well" (1993) • novella
  5. 143 • "Dead Man's Shoes" (1993) • shortstory
  6. 162 • "Bird Bones and Wood Ash" (1995) • novelette
  7. 191 • "A Tempest in Her Eyes" (1994) • shortstory
  8. 204 • "Saxophone Joe and the Woman in Black" (1994) • shortstory
  9. 210 • "The Bone Woman" (1992) • shortstory
  10. 221 • "Pal o' Mine" (1993) • shortstory
  11. 235 • "Where Desert Spirits Crowd the Night" (1995) • novelette
  12. 278 • "Dream Harder, Dream True" (1993) • shortstory
  13. 287 • "The Pochade Box" (1994) • shortstory
  14. 302 • "Coyote Stories" (1993) • shortstory
  15. 309 • "The Forever Trees" (1995) • shortstory

~ More Info-original printings:  Charles de Lint: The Ivory and the Horn (1995) Description

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Synopsis by Story Edit

1—15 • "Waifs and Strays" (1993) • (31 pgs)

2—46 • "Mr. Truepenny's Book Emporium and Gallery" (1992) • (7 pgs)

3—53 • "The Forest Is Crying" (1994) • (24 pgs) 

4—77 • "The Wishing Well" (1993) • novella (66 pgs)

5—143 • "Dead Man's Shoes" (1993) • (19 pgs)

6—162 • "Bird Bones and Wood Ash" (1995) • (29 pgs)

7—191 • "A Tempest in Her Eyes" (1994) • (13 pgs)

8—204 • "Saxophone Joe and the Woman in Black" (1994) • (6 pgs)

9—210 • "The Bone Woman" (1992) • (11 pgs)

10—221 • "Pal o' Mine" (1993) • (14 pgs)

11—235 • "Where Desert Spirits Crowd the Night" (1995) • (43 pgs)

12—278 • "Dream Harder, Dream True" (1993) • (9 pgs)

13—287 • "The Pochade Box" (1994) • (15 pgs)

14—302 • "Coyote Stories" (1993) • (7 pgs)

15—309 • "The Forever Trees" (1995) 

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There's a big moon glowing in the sky, a swollen circle of silvery-gold light that looks as though it's sitting right on top of the old Clark Building, balancing there on the northeast corner where the twisted remains of a smokestack rises up from the roof like a long, tottery flagpole, colors lowered for the night, or maybe like a tin giant's arm making some kind of semaphore that only other tin giants arm making some kind of semaphore that only other tin giants can understand. ~ Shelfari


Goodreads | Charles de Lint Quotes (Author of The Blue Girl)


  • Nomination: 1996 World Fantasy—Best Collection
  • 7th, 1996 Locus—Best Collection


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The Ivory and the Horn is a collection of 15 stories, one is original, set in the city of Newford. ~ Charles de Lint: The Ivory and the Horn (1995) Description

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