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Hidden away on the Butler University commons is a once semi-wild spot was rare, 400 year old oak tree that thrived in this quiet nook of the city. And The head librarian of G. Smithers Memorial Library at Butler University had her tragically cut down.

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John Windle tells Wendy St. James that "She was a Tree of Tales," he says, "She held all the stories the wind brought her...and with each tale she grew. Her death is a symbol that the world has no more time for stories."


Outside the G. Smithers Memorial Library, on Butler University grounds.

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  • 400 year old oak tree
  • Thrived on Butler U grounds
  • Held all the stories the wind brought her

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Jilly Coppercorn and Wendy St. James together find single acorn from the last Tree of Tales, but Jilly tells her only she can plant it since both John and the tree itself chose her. With wonder and growing faith this is just what Wendy does, caring for the young sapling all winter long with water, sun and poetry. ~ The Cauldron

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