Wolfe Island

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Island off Newford's shore that is now a park. On it stands a bronze statue. 


Off Newford's shoreline—a half mile of water separated her island from Newford.


  • Matt Casey thought of the island as vein her island: the bronze statue's island.
  • A ferry takes visitors back and forth

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"The cast bronze statue originally stood in the garden of an expatriate Danish businessman’s summer home, a faithful reproduction of the well-known figure that haunted the waterfront of the Dane’s native Copenhagen. When the city expropriated the man’s land for the park, he was generous enough to donate the statue, and so she sat now on the island, as she had for fifty years, looking out over the lake, motionless, always looking, the moonlight gleaming on her bronze features and slender form." ~ "Our Lady of the Harbour" — Dreams Underfoot

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"For uncounted years before Diederick van Yoors first settled the area in the early part of the nineteenth century, the native Kickaha called the island Myeengun. By the turn of the century, it had become the playground of Newford’s wealthy, its bright facade first beginning to lose its luster with the Great Depression when wealthy landowners could no longer keep up their summer homes; by the end of the Second World War it was an eyesore. It wasn’t turned into a park until the late 1950s. Today most people knew it only by the anglicized translation of its Kickaha name: Wolf Island". ~ "Our Lady of the Harbour" — Dreams Underfoot

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Matt Casey musician visits island

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