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Saskia Madding has a difficulty making friends, perhaps because she's not from around here. The friends she does make, like Christiana Tree, are very special, some might even say weird, but mostly they're just otherworldly.

The spiteful revenge of a self-absorbed book editor Aaran Goldstein on Saskia triggers a meltdown of The Wordwood site. The cascade effect that follows threatens the World As It Is, the Borderlands and even "disappears" people from in front of their computers. One of the "disappeared" is Saskia who vanishes before the horrified eyes of her lover Christy Riddell.

With the quest to rescue the disappeared and prevent meltdown of mythic proportions, the ensemble cast weaves the story in Newford (city), the Borderlands, the OtherWorld, but most especially, through the Internet to The Wordwood. Other CdL's characters make cameo apperances such as Jilly Coppercorn, Meran and Cerin, and Tallulah. ~ The Wordwood | Books / Spirits In The Wires - browse

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Name What Connection About
Christy Riddell writer girlfriend born in the Wordwood girlfriend: Saskia Madding
Saskia Madding Poet; avatar of sorts born in the Wordwood Christy's girlfriend;
Suzanne Chaney, aka.Suzi homeless woman born in the Wordwood found living on the streets by Aaron Goldstein; startlingly optimistic; helps Aaron change;
Christiana Tree, aka "Mystery" Christy's "shadow self" all the parts of him that he cast out when he was seven years old;
Geordie Riddell musician Christy Riddell's brother;
Dick Bobbins hob
Holly Rue dog: Snippet; one of the creators of Wordwood;
Sue human seeks way to make dog talk Sue seeks magic to make Fritzie talk, her dead friend Gina's dog; "Embracing the Mystery"

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