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Puk Club in Foxville

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The crowd was an even mix of slumming uptowners, Crowsea artistes and the neighborhood kids from surrounding Foxville

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In Foxville on Gracie Street near the corner of Landis Avenue


  • Psycho Puppies: They weren’t as punkish as their name implied—their music was loud but melodic, there was a bit of social conscience to their lyrics, and you could dance to them.


Chinese waitress wore a leather miniskirt, fishnet stockings, red camisole; she had black hair in a loose bun, blue=black eyeshadow, red lipstick.


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Name What Connection About
Sue Ashworth Architect there to dance came with Jilly
Jilly Coppercorn artist there to dance came with Sue Ashworth
LaDonna Da Costa young woman there to dance Jilly pointed her out to Sue;

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