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Punk Club / Foxville Night Club

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The crowd was an even mix of slumming uptowners, Crowsea artistes and the neighborhood kids from surrounding Foxville.


On Gracie Street near the corner of Landis Avenue in Foxville.

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Name What Connection About
Psycho Puppies band played club: YoMan not as punkish as their name implied; Music loud, but melodic with a social conscience;
Jilly Coppercorn artist went with Sue took Sue to see them: milder than other Punk bands
Sue Ashworth architect went with Jilly Jilly suggested she dance with LaDonna so she could rest
LaDonna DaCosta young woman dancing there Jilly suggested Sue Ashworth dance with her

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"Freewheeling #4—Dreams Underfoot": Jilly Coppercorn and Sue Ashworth go dancing there. They dance, talk, have a good time. Jilly thought she saw Zinc once or twice but it wasn't him—she hoped he was not setting bike free. Tired, she suggested to Sue that she dance with LaDonna DaCosta so she could rest.

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