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Bar in Foxville

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Your Second Home, a sleazy bar on the other side of Foxville where bands play. It was a place for serious drinking during the day, serving mostly unemployed blue-collar workers spending their welfare checks on a few hours of forgetfulness. By night it was a punk club.

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By the time the band started around nine, the clientele transformed dramatically. They were mostly—thirty-to-one—spike-haired punks in their black leathers and blue jeans.


The bar was on the other side of Foxville in Newford, part of hte Newford night scene.


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Name What Connection About
Jilly Coppercorn artist dance there went with Geordie, Sam
Geordie Riddell Fiddler dance there went with Sam, Jilly
Samantha Rey record store clerk dance there went with Geordie, Jilly
Wang Boys punk band played there Geordie, Jilly, Sam liked them; pretty good

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"Timeskip": Geordie Riddell too Samantha Rey to the club with Jilly tagging along. after leaving, the ran into the Stanton Street Ghost. — Dreams Underfoot

"That Explains Poland": Ruth asked LaDonna Da Costa who was playing there that weekend. — Dreams Underfoot

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