Zoe Brill — Late night radio DJ

Zoe Brill
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race human, maybe
Occupation Late night radio DJ
Birthplace unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Location Newford
Books appeared in "Small Deaths" — Dreams Underfoot

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Defining Description or Bio

Zoe is a late night radio DJ on relaxing evening out when Gordon Wolfe approaches her saying he thinks he knows her. Zoe thinks that a line and he's a yuppie on the prowl. She just want to be left alone to read and relax before working all night, instead she gets hit on by a weirdo who won't take no for an answer. Just before he leaves he says: "You shouldn't mock me. I'm the bringer of small deaths. Remember me the next time you die a little."


Zoe play an eclectic mix of rap, new age, classical, hard rock, punk, R&B, etc. The name of her show is: "Nightnoise". 

Physical Decription


Heals pain


Late night radio DJ

Residence Location

Lower Crowsea

Other Details

  • reading: Disappearing Through the Skylight by 0. B. Hardison in the cafe.

Connections (characters, places)

Name What Connection About
Hilary Carlisle talent scout for WEA Records friend
Rupert dog Zoe's pet friendly, rescued a puppy once; cross between a golden lab and a German shepherd, seventy pounds of big-hearted mush
Gordon Wolfe bringer os small deaths tried to talk to Zoe she brushed him off; he said fording things and left;
Bob caller Warns Zoe about Wolfe explains what small deaths mean
No Nuns Here Local Band Zoe play on air Lorio Munn

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Events in the Series (spoilery area)

"Small Deaths" (1993) Dreams Underfoot: That night after being accosted by Gordon Wolfe while DJ-ing, Zoe get a call from Bob. He tries to warn her about Wolfe. The next night, Zoe plays songs with lyrics that are more a warning to Wolfe. Bob calls immediately, saying that's dangerous. But she idd to get him to call so she could asl some questions like what does "small deaths" mean. Bob tells her it's like the great dissappointments or hurts that can change a person or their life forever. Bob want to meet someplace public, bring a friend. She brings Hillary. There are a few surprises that happen at the meeting.


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